According to the link conditions, please adjust the options.

Page = URL
URL surveyed page (required)
mySite = URL
URL of the linked page (required)
Num = 100
Number of links allowed in the page (0: unlimited)
Rel = 1
Check the rel = “nofollow” of the A tag (0: Do not check, 1: check)
Meta = 1
Check the name = “robots” of the META tags (0: Do not check, 1: check)
Site = URL
Home page URL of the surveyed page
following the Match, Level, if you want to check the Top will be required.
Match = 0
Check the match of the Site and the Page of the domain (0: Do not check, 1: check)
Level = 0
Acceptable to Page number of hierarchy (0: unlimited)
Top = 0
Check the presence or absence of the link from the Site to Page (0: do not check, 1: check)

input of the URL, other than the file, please end with “/”.

† Top of Page

Notes on use

For Powered by Google App Engine system load prevention, it caches the survey results for seven days.
Occurring as a result you wish to use this service, it is also not responsible for any damages.
Please note that you might want to stop without notice service.

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View of the image

Confirmation OK: mutual link is normal.
Confirmation NG: There is a possibility that the problem in the mutual link is happening.
Under investigation: URL of the target, is under investigation (waiting).
Error: There is a possibility that the error has occurred.

Paste immediately after , you may result is not stable.

How to Use

According to the link conditions of the site, please copy and paste the tag to adjust the tag below.
Images, such as a paste the tag will be displayed.
This image from the link page of the other party of the site (Site) (Page), represents the state of the link to your site (mySite) (view of the results).

In addition, the image is because it is a link to the survey results of the pages of our site, if you feel abnormal, you can check immediately.

Survey results, in order to reduce the load on the image for both, because it is cached in the system, you may be the reality of the page you will come out the difference. Ultimately, please judge a look at the actual page.