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Wood Or Composites For Floor Remodeling Various materials like natural stones (such as granite, marble, sandstone or slate), man-made tiles (vitrified ceramic or homogeneous; matte or glazed, etc.), hardwood boards, wood parquet, vinyl sheets, composite planks, polished or stamped concrete, carpet and many others, can be used for flooring finishes. These come in numerous styles and types as well as shapes and sizes. There is a wide array of choices, but not all are applicable for the remodeling job in mind. Material choice must achieve not only design aesthetics and functionality requirements, but must also be within the budget allocated for the purpose. For remodeling involving an existing wood floor or where wood or wood-based materials are being contemplated, the following are some observations that could help. Currently installed floors made of hardwood planks can be made to look new with sanding, filling, staining and re-sealing without demolition works. However, rotten or damaged planks must first be replaced prior to doing the refinishing works. The tongue-and-groove connection between planks can be a challenge during replacement, but expert flooring workers are able to resolve the problem with the right tools and skill. Appropriate sealers are available that protect wood and also provide sheen for a shiny “just waxed” look. It is easy to install floating hardwood or composite / laminate flooring over solid and flat surfaces. Flooring pieces can have lengths of 2′ to 4′ and widths from 2″ to 6″. Remodeling an existing hardwood, vinyl or tile floor can be done without demolition by laying the floating floor over the existing surface. Floating floor pieces are usually fitted together with either a tongue-and-groove or snap-on edge system. With the system, wood pieces can also expand/contract without causing warping or bulging. The new flooring thickness impact relative door jambs and doors, baseboards, thresholds to adjoining rooms with differing elevations, staircases, and built-in cabinet bottoms, however, must be addressed. Composite floor systems installed on concrete normally are provided with under layer for moisture protection. When improperly installed, though, gaps could appear between board ends during contraction; or between floor and baseboard when furniture weighs down floating boards underlain with rubberized sheets. There are also people sensitive to the “knocking noise” when one walks over composite flooring systems, which sounds different from what is experienced with natural, solid hardwood.
Some laminated products also swell easily and darken when these get wet. Other products look very appealing but do not have much resistance to scratches and abrasions. Wood-based flooring systems are usually pre-treated by manufacturers against termite or wood-boring insect infestation, but this must be verified prior to purchasing by the house owner doing remodeling. Compliance to fire rating requirements must also be checked.

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